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Shopping Bags – Winning Tips You Have To Remember When Looking For A Distributor

Shopping bags, indeed, are not just medium-sized bags providing convenience to people as it carry items they bought. It’s also known as an effective marketing vehicle for businesses. In fact, these bags underwent a major transformation with personalised shopping bags becoming a huge hit to the masses.

Gone are the days when plain shopping bags are all you see. Now’s the time to find a distributor to tie up with to supply you with the type of bags you need for every business or occasion.

1. Find a distributor who doesn’t only sell plastic bags, as they have a negative impact on the environment. Look for one that provides you with numerous choices (cloth and paper bags), so you won’t be limited to one type of bag only. They shouldn't just specialise in gift bags or take-out bag/containers. Your online distributor should offer you plenty of options so that you can find what best fits your business.

2. Don’t be afraid to place orders with an online distributor. You’ll even get bulk shopping discounts. You can check their credibility first by reading reviews from previous customers who already did business with them if you want to be sure.

3. Look at printing options available. How can you have your gift bags printed? Can you use your own design? Does the company provide designs for you to choose from? What colours and fonts are available? Of course, affordable prices may catch your attention at first. However, it’s not all that matters. Make sure you choose a company like Shopping Bags Direct Ltd that can offer you different options.

In your quest to finding the right distributor, you’ll encounter stores trying to get you to order from them. Only order shopping bags from distributors that can provide what you need in terms of choices and printing options! If you find an online distributor that fits the requirements you set, there is almost no chance that you will have any problems and your business will be one step ahead of the competition.

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Paper Bags

Are Paper Bags REALLY Better Than Plastic? Read This To Find Out!

From Primark to McDonalds, brown paper bags are back in fashion. We always think of paper carrier bags as being biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable, and coming from a renewable source, but are these bags really a cheaper and greener option? Are they better for the environment than plastic? Let's find out.

You may have heard of the news that millions of trees are cut down every year in order to make these bags, and they are manufactured by heating wooden chips at high temperatures in a chemical solution - a process that can cause damage to the environment and lead to acid rain.

However, paper bags are much easier to recycle than plastic bags. According to research, these type of bags are partially manufactured from fibre or recycled paper, and some contain more than 35 percent of recycled material. When these bags are thrown away, they can be recycled again, while plastic shopping bags can clog machines and make the recycling process more difficult.

Paper carrier bags can be used again and again, and can be transported to paper mills in order to make new paper products. Paper gift bags also require less energy when being recycled and are safer for small children to play with.

In addition, many scientists believe that plastic bags pose a real threat to the environment. In fact, 200 different species of sea life (including whales, seals, and turtles) die because of plastic bags according to a World Wildlife Fund study in 2005. Because of this, paper is the preferred option.

The new legislation will also mean that retailers will have to charge at least 5p for plastic carrier bags or face a fine. The new rules - which start in England in October 2015 - won't affect small or medium-sized businesses, although many of these retailers might start using paper bags instead.

So there you have it. Now you know why paper bags are definitely a much better option than plastic bags. If you are looking for an online distributor, you should check out the products available from Shopping Bags Direct Ltd.

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Gift Bags: Fundamental Factors In Choosing The Perfect Wrapping For Your Event Souvenir 

Gift giving can be a tricky situation to be in. Even if it’s just for an event, the guests may have some comments not just regarding the gift but also the gift bag it comes in with. You have to make sure you choose the perfect gift bags to hold that perfect event souvenir you’ve searched for high and low? But how will you do it? Here are some points you have to keep in mind.

Is it for a formal or casual event? Who will be your recipients?

First, you have to answer this question. Is the event very formal, casual, or somewhere in between? By answering this question, you will be able to narrow down your search and settle with choosing paper bags or a customised one. In addition, if you are projecting an eco-friendly image for your company, you may choose to buy eco-friendly gift bags instead that your guests can use for other things. You also have to consider who your recipients will be.

Choose an attractive and sturdy bag.

Definitely, it must be attractive. This bag is the wrapping paper for the present you are giving. An attractive-looking gift bag intensifies the excitement the recipient feels upon receiving it. A beautiful wrapping paper always makes the present more desirable too. On the other hand, if the souvenir is heavy, you will need a sturdy gift bag. In this case, one made of fabric or thick reinforced paper is highly recommended. Plastic may be strong, and may also cheapen the look you want to project for the gift. Check with the distributor before you place an order on their recommended products for holding heavy items.

Choose Cotton Shopping Bags

If more than one item will be placed or it’s large, then choose a larger gift bag. You may not consider cotton shopping bags at first as the gift bag in your event. But it’s a clever and eco-friendly way of handing out gift items to your guests. These bags are extremely useful and can be a great advertising tool for your company as well.

So, when your event calls for a gift bag, think about the mood of the event, the image you want to project, and the guests who will receive the souvenirs. Also, consider factors such as the weight of your event souvenir, how attractive the bag is, the material used to make it, its handles, and its joints. In short, what goes into making the gift bags is just as important as the event souvenir that goes into it. Shopping Bags Direct Ltd have a great collection of bags available for you.

The Uses Of Shopping Bags

Okay, so no doubt there are some crazy uses for shopping bags. But if you have invested in quality cotton or jute shopping bags from shoppingbagsdirect, most likely with customised printed branding and message, you will want to know where your bag will end up. Of course, the very fact that cotton bags or jute shopping bags are reusable is a plus, both for your business and for the environment. But it is the way that customers may end up using environmentally-friendly cotton or jute bags that also makes them attractive. So, considering all the uses of shopping bags is worth a thought.

Now, it is true that a lot of uses of cotton bags or jute shopping bags also apply to plastic ‘Bag For Life’ shopping bags. However, cotton and jute are made from natural products, they are naturally breathable, and because of their natural texture they lend themselves to a different range of uses.

Being breathable with natural fibres means that cotton and jute bags can be used to store books, dry food products, leather goods, and paper files with much less chance of sweating or mould. That’s a real plus over the plastic carrier bag. (Of course, being breathable doesn’t mean that young children should be allowed to play with cotton or jute bags without supervision, and extra care must be taken with children using plastic bags of all sorts.)

So, what are the really useful uses of cotton or jute shopping bags?

Shopping Bags For Shopping

Yes, obvious isn’t it? Your business has provided a high quality cotton shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect and you want it to be used to carry your product back to the customer’s home in perfect condition. Job done! Of course, you also want your cotton shopping bag to carry your name and message out into the world. So you may well have had it custom printed by shoppingbagsdirect. Nevertheless, the main job of the cotton shopping bag is, believe it or not, to carry shopping! So it needs to be strong, light and well made. But that’s why you came to shoppingbagsdirect in the first place.

Shopping Bags For Shopping Again … And Again

Cotton bags and jute shopping bags are ideally suited to being reused. A stylish cotton shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect should see many more shopping trips. It may be back to your business – the ideal repeat customer who brings back their customised printed cotton bag to take away another of your products. Or it may be shopping elsewhere. This is no bad thing. If you have had your cotton shopping bag printed with your own brand name by shoppingbagsdirect your customer will be carrying your message far and wide.

Shopping Bags For Carrying

Well, it goes without saying that shopping bags are designed to carry things. A cotton or jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect will be strong enough to carry a wide range of shopping, with well-sewn handles, quality material and the strength of natural fibres. Yet a cotton or jute shopping bag may well find itself, between shopping trips, being used for a wide variety of other carrying jobs. There are clothes to take to the charity shop. There are books to take to college or to the library. There are files and folders to lug around the university campus. There are bottles and cans to take to recycling. There is booze to take to the party. There is a picnic to carry. There are towels and swim-suits, buckets and spades to take to the beach. There are toys to carry for the children. There are nick-knacks for the tombola stall. There is that aspidistra your granny gave you. There is the floral cake-tin for the W.I. There is packing the car for a holiday. There is … There are … so many things.

Shopping Bags For Storage

At shoppingbagsdirect we know that you want your customised printed cotton shopping bag or jute bag to be used again and again. But we have to be realistic. Your customer may at some point use it for storage. Your customer will still be pleased with your choice of environmentally-friendly shopping bag fromshoppingbagsdirect, but it will be a less public pleasure for a while.

Cotton bags and jute bags, being made from natural fibre, are ideal for many storage problems. They are strong and breathable, making sweating and mould less of a problem. So jute shopping bags may well be used for storing potatoes or carrots. Apples may be collected in cotton or jute shopping bags. Apples can even be stored for a short while in cotton or jute bags. Other dry foodstuffs may find their way into a jute shopping bag.

Then there are books, newspapers, files and folders. All may be stashed away in a natural-fibre cotton or jute shopping bag. Paintings, pictures, photo-albums, ornaments – all may be stored in your tough shopping bag.

Shoes, clothes, hats and towels could all find themselves wrapped in your cotton shopping bag. Linen, sheets, small blankets and pillow-cases, may also be tucked away in a strong cotton shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect. Picnic blankets, paddling gear, sandals, and sun hats may all be put away for the winter. There is no shopping bag more versatile than a cotton shopping bag.

Shopping Bags For Ever

Well, no, not quite. Everything has its day. Even a tough jute shopping bag fromshoppingbagsdirect reaches the end of the road. After maybe hundreds of uses, your eco-friendly cotton bag or jute shopping bag may finally have come to grief. But all is not lost. Even old cotton and jute bags still have their uses.

A cotton bag can be repaired, though not all your customers will have the time or patience to patch even the most cherished cotton shopping bag. However, like cotton shirts and underwear, a cotton bag, cut into strips makes excellent dusters and rags for all those jobs about the house, in the shed or the garage.

Jute bags, too, can be opened out to make sacking. Who knows, your customer’s faithful old Labrador may be asleep in her basket on her specially plumped doggy-duvet underneath which is the sacking from one of your old jute shopping bags.

The Uses Of Kraft Paper Bags

Nearly all paper and cotton bags can be reused. With their strength and natural properties they make ideal environmentally-friendly carrier bags, shopping bags and gift bags. Even the standard kraft paper bag can be reused. Choosing a kraft paper bag for your business from shoppingbagsdirect is both economical and sensible.

Kraft paper is a strong, durable paper with high tear resistance. It has a higher proportion of cellulose fibres than other papers. It is used in paper sacks to hold anything from cement to potatoes. Kraft paper also makes strong, durable paper carrier bags. These are ideal for everyday sales, for Take Aways, for bakeries, delis and patisseries, and for economical gift bags. Kraft paper bags of all sorts can be supplied blank or in colour or with customised printing – the friendly staff at shoppingbagsdirect can advise or just order online for fast and efficient delivery.

Kraft Paper Bags for Food Outlets

Plain kraft paper bags are ideal for Take Aways. You’ve already packaged your product in card or foil to keep it hot, but you need an easy-to-use paper bag for your customer to carry the Take Away. Kraft paper bags from shoppingbagsdirect are ideal for Take Aways. With strong folded paper handles, kraft paper bags of different sizes in brown or white are just the job for a busy Take Away. Better still, you can have them printed with your name and image. Like most paper bags, kraft paper bags are recyclable and compostable.

For the deli, patisserie or speciality bakery, too, kraft paper bags from shoppingbagsdirect will improve your business. They are an economical way to provide convenience to all your customers.

Kraft Paper Gift Bags

Need an economical but effective gift bag? shoppingbagsdirecthave just the thing. In three trendy designs, these colourful bags are ideal for children, girly gifts and popular items. Kraft paper bags are ideal for the gift shop, craft stall or party organiser.

Kraft Coloured Paper Carrier Bags

For shops, for chains, for craft stalls, or for any retail outlet, kraft coloured paper carrier bags are bright, strong and effective. At shoppingbagsdirect they come in up to 12 colours, 4 sizes, and 2 styles, with either twist handles or attractive flat handles. With such a wide range, kraft coloured paper carrier bags from shoppingbagsdirect have myriad uses.

The large and extra-large kraft bags are ideal for clothing sales. The medium size can be used for any product up to 35 cm in length. Tops and lingerie, gifts and crafts, larger pottery (bubble-wrapped, of course!), and soft toys would all find a carrier in a kraft medium paper bag.

The smaller kraft coloured paper bags from shoppingbagsdirect would suit a wide variety of uses, from smaller gifts and jewellery boxes, to boxes of chocolates and children’s clothing.

To increase the usefulness of these colourful kraft paper bags to your business, talk to the friendly staff at shoppingbagsdirect about customised printing on the colour of your choice. Nothing works better for your business than having your brand name and message on smart, colourful kraft paper carrier bags.

Kraft Plain Paper Carrier Bags

Where cost is a primary factor, your business will find a host of uses for brown or white plain kraft carrier bags from shoppingbagsdirect. For everyday shopping, market stalls, gift stalls, charity shops and craft outlets, kraft plain paper carrier bags make perfect sense.

They are more likely to be reused than ordinary plastic carrier bags, and, like other paper carrier bags, they are recyclable and compostable.

Examples Of How You Could Customise Your Bag

Who knows about your business? Well, you do. But you also know that you need your brand name and image out about town, on city streets, in offices and school staffrooms, in workplaces and on the school-run. What better way to advertise your business than with a stylish bag from shoppingbagsdirect ? The kraft paper carrier bag, the snappy gift bag, or the cotton shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect are just the job. But how to use them to maximum effect? Just ask the friendly people at shoppingbagsdirect to customise your bag and put your brand to work.

There are lots of ways to customise your bag. There is a large range of colours, shapes, styles, and finishes available for immediate delivery at shoppingbagsdirect. But you may want to have a bespoke bag made for you – no problem, just ask shoppingbagsdirect.

Even without a bespoke bag, there are lots of other ways to customise your bag. It’s worth taking a minute or two to consider all the possibilities:-

Customise Your Bag With Colour

You may already have a colourway for your business. At shoppingbagsdirect there is a wide range of stock colours to choose from, with up to 16 colours on luxury laminated paper carrier bags, 12 colours on kraft paper bags and 6 pre-dyed cotton shopping bag colours. Keeping to a brand colour scheme both enhances your image and adds vibrancy to your overall package to the customer.

Customise Your Bag With Pattern

Even within a colourway, you can add patterns to your kraft paper bags or gift bags. At shoppingbagsdirect you will find exciting patterns and bright colours on trendy kraft paper gift bags, and flowers, bubbles, ribbons, bows, stripes, balloons, and many more on the range of luxury laminated gift bags.

Customise Your Bag With Style

Not all bags are the same. Choose from square-cut luxury laminated bags in gloss or matt finish with rope handles, or die-cut bags with ribbon ties, or groovy, retro luxury laminated bags with round die-cut handles, or fashionable pyramid bags with ribbon handles. Any one of these luxury carrier bags from shoppingbagsdirect will add style and character to your offer.

Customise Your Bag With Your Brand

This is where shoppingbagsdirect can really help. Having matched your colour to your brand and chosen your style of bag, you need to get your brand out there, working for you. The friendly people at shoppingbagsdirect will help you get the best from your brand with over-printed carrier bags and shopping bags. Your brand name, your logo, your strap line, your image can be on your carrier bags, gift bags and shopping bagsfromshoppingbagsdirect within days. Nothing is more important than getting your brand out onto the high street.

Customise Your Bag With Imagery

Pictures do speak louder than words. Clean, crisp artwork on a customised bag from shoppingbagsdirect adds to your brand. It confirms that you are selling a quality product and care about detail. An image matched to your brand will enhance your package still further. Simple, bold, monotone or two-tone images often work best on carrier bags or shopping bags. Keep it simple – keep the message clear. The staff at shoppingbagsdirect will be delighted to help you get the best from your artwork.

Customise Your Bag With Flair

Your business may suit a customised bag with something a little out of the ordinary. A jute bottle bag fromshoppingbagsdirect with your bottle printed on it. A laminated gloss wine bag from shoppingbagsdirect with your premium wine printed on it. A kraft Take Away bag from shoppingbagsdirect with your food, hot and steamy, on the outside as well as inside.A Valentine’s gift bag from shoppingbagsdirect with your personal valentine. A Wedding gift bag fromshoppingbagsdirect with the happy couple. A cotton shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect with a line drawing, a cartoon, even your silhouette if yours is a very personalised offer. Wherever your imagination takes you, the staff at shoppingbagsdirect can help you realise your dream.

The Advantages Of Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags are back. Shopping bags have left behind the image of early editions of Coronation Street. The image of the bag lady was always unfair, but modern, durable, lightweight shopping bags are now fashionable, practical and economical. A cotton or jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect supplied to your customer will be welcomed and cherished.

Shopping Bags Are Cool

Gone are the days when shopping bags were musty, fusty and drab. A printed cotton shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect can carry your customer’s purchases in style and carry your brand wherever it goes. Add stock colours or bespoke shades, and you have a walking advertisement for your business. Add your logo, your image and your message, and your brand will be working for you.

Not only will you appreciate the positive message a customised cotton shopping bag sends about your company, but the customer will be delighted to be seen with your stylish shopping bag.

Jute shopping bags, too, are in vogue. Hardwearing and strong, a printed jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect will be a pleasure to your customer, and a success for you.

Shopping Bags Are Practical

Getting the shopping, organising the children, carrying the picnic, holding your files and folders, lugging books about or protecting your e-reader, taking the presents to Gran, or just looking good, ready for use, a customised shopping bag will be a blessing to your customer. Being made from natural fibres, cotton shopping bags, fold away easily and neatly: they never look a mess. Jute shopping bags, too, though more rigid, are easily stored at home or in the boot of the car.

Choose a decent size cotton or jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect. Your customers will remember you everytime they turn it out for use again and again.

Shopping Bags Are Environmentally Friendly

How many times will an average customer reuse a cotton or jute shopping bag? A lot.Compared to an ordinary plastic carrier bag, many, many times. Even larger reusable plastic bags have their limits. A cotton or jute shopping bag, as well as being so versatile, will stay stylish for longer.

By reusing a customised cotton shopping bag or jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect, your customer will feel good, both about themselves and about you.

Better still, cotton and jute shopping bags are naturally biodegradeable. The seas are being polluted by acres of plastic. A cotton or jute shopping bag will not end up washed onto shores or killing marine life.

Shopping Bags Are Versatile

A cotton or jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect has so many uses. It can carry and store, organise and conserve, present and protect.

Cotton and jute are naturally breathable, allowing air to circulate. So they are great for storing books and papers, files, folders and magazines.

Cotton and jute shopping bags are naturally strong. So they can carry the heavy items, yet still look good however light the load.

Shopping Bags Are Neat

What is better and smarter? Coming out of a shop or supermarket with half a dozen garish plastic carrier bags? Or walking smartly out of the store with all your goods in one or two stylish shopping bags?

Even when you get home, you always mean to recycle those ordinary plastic carrier bags, but, time and after time, they just end up in the bin. A cotton or jute shopping bag will stay neat for use over and over again.

Choosing a customized cotton or jute shopping bag from shoppingbagsdirect is a neat solution to so many problems of everyday life.

Shopping Bags Are Friendly

Walk away with a cotton shopping bag supplied by shoppingbagsdirect and you will feel comfortable. The natural woven cloth feels good to the touch. It feels warm and friendly. It feels natural. You want cotton or silk next to your body, so why would you want a plastic carrier bag in your hand?

Okay, so jute is by its nature a rougher material than cotton. But even a jute shopping bag is friendlier by far than plastic. Jute feels earthy and natural. It exudes strength, durability and longevity. Jute will be your friend for years to come.